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Slimming with Extract of Green Coffee Beans

If you have never heard of the latest weight loss diet supplement made from green coffee bean extract, you might find this interesting, especially if you need to reduce your body fat levels. That’s because this product is very effective at helping your body do that and being perfectly natural it is quite safe to take.

But first of all, what does this product do in terms of helping you to reduce your weight as well as a good proportion of your unwanted fat store?

Green Coffee Fat Buster

This particular supplement works in two major ways at helping you to combat being overweight as long as it is taken as part of a low calorie, healthy diet program.

It has the effect of suppressing the amount of glucose that is released into the bloodstream, thereby lowering the insulin response that results in less fat being stored.

It raises the body’s metabolism so more energy is consumed, burning more of that blood sugar faster so the shortfall is taken from your fat stores, reducing their volume.

This is pretty good news for anyone who is finding their diet is taking them only so far and not far enough. You can improve the effectiveness of a good diet by including this extract in your daily routine.

Quickly Losing Weight Should be Done Safely

It is not the kind of thing that I want to have to do all that often, but trying to lose weight quickly while not doing anything dangerous can take more thinking about than you might realize. I was looking into the several pieces of advice on how to burn fat fast and safely using diet supplements when it dawned on me that in reality, all I needed was to follow some simple common sense.

I think this is something that manages to elude many people who go down this particular road. That’s because you hear so many real tragic stories of people who went too far and ended up making themselves ill. Or even failing in the long term from what really amounts to their own foolishness.

You should certainly be consulting with your doctor before trying anything that is designed for fast weight loss, even if it is through a combo of diet and supplements. If you’re fine about doing lots of exercise, make sure it will be under supervision at the gym.

Getting in some running time will also be a benefit and something that many people do a lot of anyway. Running, as long as you don’t go over board can be a very therapeutic form of exercise, plus you get plenty of fresh air in your lungs!

The bottom line has to be to just be safe and be careful about what you try. Green coffee extract (see: for more information) is one of those products that is safe as long as you follow the dosage guidelines. I certainly will be doing this and while I am well aware that I am capable of shedding several pounds in a week or so, it will be hard work and not for the faint hearted!

Yeast Infection

Following up on the last post, where we looked at the parties held by parents to help their children catch chicken pox early so they’ll have a life-long immunity to this disease, we move on to a very adult oriented ailment that affects a large percentage of the population at some time or another. These are yeast infections, or in this case in particular, a vaginal yeast infection.

This is something that women prefer not to talk about openly but often suffer in silence until it gets to the point where there is little choice but to go to see their doctor.

A vaginal yeast infection can be described as an abnormal growth of yeast cells in the vagina. This type of infection mainly occurs in women during their child bearing years, although it has been known to happen at any age. In general, a yeast infection rarely leads to serious health problems, but they can be quite uncomfortable.

A big problem is that standard medical treatments don’t always work and can additionally come with some nasty side effects.

What are the most common symptoms of yeast infections?

* vaginal itching, which occasionally can be severe
* vaginal discharge, which is mainly white
* red skin around the opening of the vagina
* pain while urinating or touching the skin
* pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse

These symptoms most commonly occur around a week before the menstrual cycle commences.

While most vaginal yeast infections tend to clear up on their own, sometimes this doesn’t happen and treatment is then needed.

There are times when modern medicine recommends that it’s best to do nothing, for instance when you’re pregnant. Why? Because these treatments can be harmful to the baby.

If they are deemed harmful to the baby, then what are these medicines doing to your own body?

It makes you think.

More serious cases?

Symptoms include a high fever and lower abdominal pain which is associated with the fever can occur in the small number of cases where the yeast infection is serious. These symptoms often don’t manifest until you’ve harboured the infection for some time.

Without a doubt, the best time to treat a yeast infection is in its early stages.

Where the yeast infection is considered to be serious, over the counter and prescription medications are prescribed, which all have nasty side effects and often don’t even work.

Does this concerns you?

What should you do?

Do you just suffer in silence with this condition?

The answer to that is a resounding NO!

Alternative cures and natural treatments are available for vaginal yeast infections and they have no harmful side effects.

You don’t have to resort to taking dangerous drugs.

More information can be found and an extremely informative ebook can be downloaded from this site – you can click HERE: Alternative Cure For Yeast Infections to visit.

There you’ll see for yourself that the suffering from yeast infections does not have to go on. Neither do you need to rely on your doctor to hand you a prescription for medicines which are filled with harmful side effects.

Visit there today and find out what you need to know.

Nautural Gout Treatment

Following my last post “A Healthy Outlook”, I want to change tack and talk about a problem that has been affecting me personally off and on for about 15 years. Gout.

Now most people look upon gout as being a rich man’s disease and his just desserts for drinking too much port and eating too much rich food. Foods that often get labeled as gout foods

Well, while some of that may be true, its not the whole story by a long shot and many people suffer with gout who have never tasted port or indeed eaten much rich food ever! What I’m saying is that normal, everyday people can suffer with gout and will wonder why!

I’ll tell you why in a nutshell, as there are plenty of good resources online that’ll tell you a whole lot more about the disease than I can squeeze into one post, like this one that gives you a lot of gout treatments news.

What is Gout?

Suffice it to say, gout is similar to arthritis in that it’s caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream. Uric acid, being acidic is naturally attracted to the alkaline substances in the body, such as the calcium rich bones, joints and the cartilage that surrounds the joints.

With arthritis, the uric acid builds up gradually in the joints by eating away at the smooth membrane (called the synovial membrane) that surrounds the cartilage in the joints, who’s job it is to ensure the smooth movement of the joints. The acid deposits form a hard, eggshell-like coating which makes movement in the joints painful. The body’s natural defenses see the acid deposits as foreign bodies and attack them as they would any invading substance in the body. This causes the associated swelling making the joints even more painful.

With gout, a similar thing happens, with the difference being that instead of a gradual build-up of acid deposits, the joints are attacked quickly with excess uric acid which crystallizes in the affected joints. Imagine trying to move any joint in the body that was full of tiny shards of broken glass. That’ll give you some idea of how painful gout can be!

Gout, unlike arthritis, tends to generally attack joints in the extremities, such as toes, ankles, fingers, and wrists, although it can also affect knees and elbows. Strangely, unlike arthritis, gout does not affect the spine.

With both gout and arthritis, the general method of treatment is with anti-inflammatory pills in an attempt to bring the severe swelling down. This is only partially helpful as it does not treat the cause of the problem, which is the excess uric acid. Nor does it treat the acid build-up in the joints.

Doctors will rightly tell you that there is no cure for arthritis and at present there is no medical cure for the disease. Likewise there is no medical cure for gout.

There are some drugs that are effective at reducing the uric acid levels in the blood such as allopurinol, although there are side effects and the drug must be taken daily for the rest of your life. Even then, it does not guarantee that you will not suffer another attack of gout!

For this reason, many people turn to alternative or natural treatments for both arthritis and gout. The general consensus amongst sufferers and the more enlightened members of the medical profession is that the excess uric acid is caused by faulty diet and this is the single most important change you can make to your lifestyle that will help you to beat both arthritis and gout.

You have to identify which foods cause your body to produce the excess of uric acid. These are generally foods high in purine, such as anchovies, asparagus, mushrooms, shellfish etc.

But there are other things you can do to help. Cutting out alcohol is one, although the alcohol itself does not cause an increase in uric acid, so is not a direct cause of gout or arthritis. However, it does compete in the kidneys with uric acid as they filter the blood and remove toxins. In otehr words, alcohol in the blood will reduce the kidneys effectiveness of removing the excess uric acid from your bloodstream.

That’s a pretty important thing to know!

Also, there are many natural ways at fighting this. Eating foods that are rich in potassium have been found to counteract too much sodium in the blood (which also hampers the kidneys from filtering excess uric acid) and so helps the kidneys to do their job better. Such foods include ripe bananas, courgettes and crude black molasses.

Cherries, blueberries and cranberries are also good for helping to reduce the swelling associated with gout (and arthritis).

One last thing I have recently discovered and has seemed to be quite effective at preventing a full blown gout attack from getting started. Personally, when I suffer a gout attack, it will often start in a toe and then progress to an ankle and other joints as well, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to walk. These really bad attacks can stay in the joints for several weeks at a stretch and I suffered one such attack that lasted most of the summer this year.

I have a new doctor as I now live in Spain (he is very pro-natural remedies when they can be seen to work). he does not like to prescribe drugs when there are other solutions and also likes to talk (an unusual trait in doctors, especially British ones) so consultations with him can last half an hour! Well, I tend to avoid doctors and hospitals if I can, but I ended up having to go see him for this particular attack as it was not responding to anything I did.

I might also mention that I had a 3 month abstention from alcohol during this time as well as cut my diet down to the bare bones of foods that I know are safe and religiously drank 2 litres or more of plain water every day – all without effect.

Well the doctor suggested I try drinking soda water.

Something got skewed in the translation (he is Spanish although his English is perfect) and I thought he meant carbonated water, which is acidic and surely not the right thing. A couple of weeks went by with no change, so I saw him again and he explained what he had meant. In Spain, soda water is not fizzy water, but plain water with sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as bicarbonate of soda, the cake raising agent) added.

Mmm. In my youth when suffering from post-party hangovers (didn’t we all?) that was one very good cure for acid indigestion that I used to take – it worked better than antacid tablets!

Well, I tried it, taking a teaspoon in a glass of water three times a day before meals.

The gout left me within three days.

Since then, I have had the beginnings of two more gout attacks, but straight away taken “soda water” and it has stopped it from getting its foot in the door, taking the early stages of the swelling down quickly and inside of two days (each time) the gout was gone.

I don’t know whether this is one of those natural cures that works for me and won’t work for someone else. Other people swear by cherries but they don’t work for me.

Its another weapon in the arsenal against this debilitating and painful disease. Its not harmful to take as long as you don’t overdo it. If taken after a meal it will reduce your stomach’s ability to digest the food as it neutralizes the stomach acid to a point, so I always take it about an hour before a meal.

That’s it!