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Peripheral Health

When we think of a person’s health we usually think of them being active and energetic, relatively slim and well toned and generally looking and feeling good in themselves. This is the main part of it for sure, but there are other factors that can also be taken into consideration when thinking about a person’s overall health. That includes things that surround them on their periphery, or their peripheral health.

These things will include the state of their lifestyle, their job and what they do all day, how stressful it is or is not a the case may be. It looks at where they live and if they live in a healthier house than most that being a clean, tidy and unpolluted home or if their home is untidy, unkempt and dirty. It will also include what they do in their spare time and who they do it with!

All these things come together to form an outer layer of life choices that can all affect a person’s health in general (see: for more information). For instance, if a person is doing a job they really enjoy, then there is little or no stress associated with it. It could be an outdoor job working with animals or working on the land in some way, meaning lots of exposure to natural daylight and fresh air. Or it could be an office job where they are stuck indoors all day at a desk with little or no exercise, no natural daylight and only recycled air from an internal air conditioning system. Their diet could be awful and made up of junk food and soda and too much coffee, or it could be healthy and washed down with lots of plain water.

When they do in their spare time is also important to health. If they sit in front of the TV all evening until its time to go to bed and eat snacks all the while, then it can negatively affect health on a number of different levels. Whereas the person who gets out of the house in the evenings and has lots of different hobbies and interests that keeps them busy, they don’t have much time to be lazy or eat snacks so it will positively impact their health levels.

It really all depends on what you do with yourself all day and all night that will determine the state of your health and whether you can enjoy good or ill for the long term. The choice is always down to the individual and depending upon that choice they may enjoy their lives to the full or have a miserable time of it or anywhere in between!

Following a Healthy Diet Path to Success

With all the news of rising levels of obesity in our society and the associated rise in funding for research into drugs to combat the situation, are we not losing sight of the one thing that is really needed to restore the health of many nations? By following a healthy diet path (see: for more details), a huge proportion of those overweight and obese people would not be in their present situation with all the negative health aspects that tag along with the condition.

Its not difficult to see where a big part of the problem lies and that’s in the aggressive advertising of junk foods. Everywhere you look, there are advertising hoardings pushing this or that great new variety of pizza or burger-chain hamburger promotion or whatever and they are backed up by similarly aggressive TV ads depicting happy families all enjoying the great taste of these foods. Notice how all the people in the ads are slim, healthy looking adults and children. by the way.

The reality, of course is families that tuck into these foods on a regular basis do not look like the slim, healthy looking actors who sell their souls to pimp this dietary poison on a nation. The reality is those families are fat, unhealthy and heading for obesity because not only are they eating a diet primarily made up of processed foods that are laden with more bad things than is worth listing here, but because they get almost no exercise or outdoor activity to help their overburdened, ballooning bodies burn at least some of the excess calories contained in those foods.

Happy meals? I don’t think so.

So if you are ever tempted to skip the hassle of preparing and cooking a healthy, wholesome home cooked meal for you and your family in favor of dining on the same great looking fare as that nice slim and happy looking unreal family are doing on that TV ad, just look at a real family of fat adults and kids waddling down their drive to the car. They’re on their way for another helping of “early death” pizza or “never see old age” McSlowDeath hamburgers and fries (and don’t forget the shake and soda!) except in their ignorance, they believe they still look like that slim TV family. Except they don’t and are one of another growing sad statistic.

Don’t follow them into the abyss. Eat healthily and be active if you want to live longer and feel better.

The Search For Health Knowledge

As we go through life, there is a constant learning curve we all go through. Some learn more than others, which is as it should be because everyone is different and will learn at their own pace and for their own needs. But on of the more important needs surely must be the search for health knowledge, because our health is paramount to our very existence. Without health, life withers and dies.

So where do we go in search for this essential knowledge? In years gone by, we would go to the local library or bookstore and peruse the shelves for books that would hopefully teach us what we needed to know about our health and that of our families. For as adults and parents, it is our job to ensure our children are educated in matters of their own health.

Nowadays, that information can be found in abundance on the Internet and this has to be one of the best times in history to have ever been alive. With such a wealth of knowledge at our very fingertips, the Internet is a marvel of modern times. Unfortunately it has also been exploited to great lengths by the advertising industry and as a result, there are a plethora of websites out there that promise so much in terms of information, but in actual fact deliver so little and instead, bombard the visitor with a page full of ads for products they often neither want or need.

But there are some websites out there that do provide the information you need. Its just a case of weeding out the bad ones to locate the good ones in amongst them. The search engines go some way to helping filter out the irrelevant from the relevant, but still there is a long way to go on that front. Sometimes, the best way of finding what you are looking for is by recommendation by a trusted website or person. Its not always spot on, but its a lot better than taking a chance on what can often be something of a lottery with the search engines, depending upon what you type into the search box, of course!

If you are looking for a resource that can recommend information on the weight loss side of health, then there is a good review here. I hope your find it useful and informative.