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A Look at Nutrisystem

There is something that attracts people to certain types of diet and that usually involves simplicity and convenience and not needing to do any more than is absolutely necessary to make weight loss happen. Not surprisingly, there are several diet companies that pander to this need.

They do that by providing their customers with diet solutions that leave little for the customer to actually do apart from eating the food they supply them with and watching the bathroom scales move in the right direction!

One of these companies is Nutrisystem and I wanted to take a brief look at this one because it’s so popular and seems to get such a high percentage of successes. There are several actual Nutrisystem diet plans as highlighted in this article that a customer can order and these are tailored to the needs of specific groups of dieters.

Suited to Most People’s Needs

This makes the plans better suited to certain people who have special dietary needs. They divide their diet plans down the middle with one group specially for women and the other, for men. After that, they are subdivided into categories for diabetics, vegetarians, those over the age of about 65 and lastly, the rest of us.

They are divided into three main plans, known as “Basic,” “Core” and “Uniquely Yours.”

The “Uniquely Yours” plan that is made up of all fresh frozen meals and desserts with the ability to select your own menu from the huge variety available. This is supposed to be the best package of all as it is superior in quality to the processed meals that make up the bulk of the other plans.

Of course, that is reflected in the Nutrisystem cost and that is another thing I wanted to highlight here.

Affordable Cost

There’s not much point in quoting actual figures here as the prices will fluctuate and I’m not going to keep editing this article every time they make changes, which seems to happen several times in a year as the company runs special offers and discounts. What I will point out is that when a person takes a look at the total cost they have to pay for a month of food from Nutrisystem, it may look like a hefty price tag, but when you break it down, it’s actually a lot cheaper than many people think.

If we work on an average ballpark figure of say $300-$400 for a month’s supply of diet meals which is around about where the plans go for and then break that down into $75-$100 a week, lets see what that money buys you for a week’s food.

That’s seven breakfasts, seven lunches and seven evening meals each with a dessert. OK, how much would all that cost you if you had to buy all that food at the store?

Take into account that we’re not talking about a thin person who doesn’t eat much. We’re talking an overweight person who eats too much and needs to lose weight, which is why they’re going to do this diet! Well, you can bet it would probably set you back at least a hundred bucks a week and likely a lot more.

You learn a lot when you read about Nutrisystem, which is why it is so worth the extra effort. So in reality, as Nutrisystem provides all your meals and you don’t have to buy any, it can actually be cheaper to eat their food and lose weight, which is a pretty good deal, don’t you think?