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Eating to Avoid Obesity

There is a really big problem with our modern society and that problem is that an ever growing percentage of the population is getting fatter. But we’re not just talking gaining a few pounds here and there, we’re talking huge numbers of people heading for obesity to join the already huge numbers that have already gotten there because they simply cannot stop themselves eating junk food!

Its mainly down to the food industry and their insistence of promoting the living daylights out of all kinds of processed foods that contain a cocktail of additives that are, in combination, largely responsible for people gaining weight. There can really be no denying this, because the sheer numbers of obese people tell it the way it is.

So many people would not be hurtling on the way to obesity and back if it wasn’t for the fact that they eat too much and don’t do enough exercise but even then, they should not be getting SO overweight if it was just a case of eating too much and not being active enough. There has to be more and that “more” comes from the kind of foods these people are predominantly eating. That food is processed, ready to eat meals and junk from fast food restaurants and takeout establishments.

Relatively few people who eat a diet of home cooked meals get so obese when compared with the vast numbers that are eating themselves to death with unnaturally processed meals. It also doesn’t help they wash all this junk food down with gallons of sugary soda, which in itself is a major contributor to obesity. When losing weight should be simple, it is all but impossible with this kind of diet and lifestyle.

So how do you avoid becoming yet another sad, fat statistic?

Stop eating so much junk, stop drinking soda and start exercising more! Its not rocket science yet it beggars belief that so many people just do not understand that what they are eating is what is making them so darn fat! I cannot believe that so many people are stupid, so why do they eat so much of this stuff?

There is some evidence to suggest that processed food contains ingredients that are mildly addictive, one of them being trans fats. That would go some way to explaining why people can’t help themselves and buy the same junk week in, week out at the supermarket when they probably know deep down inside that they should be buying fresh stuff instead.

laziness is another major contributor and that doesn’t just mean people are too lazy to exercise, although that is a part of it. they are also too lazy to cook for themselves and home cooking is fast becoming a lost art, especially amongst those who are gaining weight faster than is good for them. The answer is education, but that is not going to come from any government or anyone in the industry because there is too much money involved.

So the answer is if you want to avoid getting obese, you really need to wean yourself off the convenience food and get your lazy butt off that couch, turn off the TV and get outdoors into the fresh air and daylight and get active!