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Losing Weight Should be Kept Simple

While we all want to lose weight as easily as it is possible to do, many of us are still stuck in the belief that weight loss is difficult and requires so much personal effort that it puts us off even trying. But this is really a myth that helps the huge weight loss industry sell their enormous array of aids designed to help people to do what they could just as easily do themselves if only they would try!

The main problem people face when they try to start losing weight is putting complexity in the path. They feel the need to go and buy a load of different supplements and then read up on all the different exercises they need to do while being told a dozen different hings about which diet is best by a dozen different health magazines. All this paraphernalia just succeeds in clouding the horizon and making the dieter feel inadequate to the task.

Of course this is no help to anyone. It is far better to simplify where possible so that you can see the wood for the trees! You can just as effectively lose that excess weight by getting back to basics and ditching all the unnecessary extra baggage that comes from an industry that is supposed to be helping people to lose their excess weight.

So how to do you lose weight simply?

It takes a firm commitment from yourself that you fully intend to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. Make it believable and achievable, because its no good setting goals that you can never attain. An easy goal of a few pounds in lost weight over a few weeks is doable by anyone with the determination to succeed. Then you need to look at what kind of easy exercise you can do and that you will enjoy doing, which is so important to your success. That’s because when you enjoy doing something, you want to do it all the more and an easy form of exercise that suits you is best. That is for you to decide upon, of course!

Then you need to simplify your diet to fresh, wholesome foods. Get rid of all the processed junk from the supermarket and start cooking your meals with fresh vegetables and meat (if you are not vegetarian) in reasonably sized portions and cut out all the foods that you know, deep down inside, are responsible for making you overweight. These include white bread, pasta, cakes, pie, cookies, potato chips and other savory snacks, all fast food etc. Then you need to stop drinking soda (if you do) and switch to plain water because it is so much better for you on many different fronts.

All that’s left to do is to eat your meals slowly and never rush them down, while making sure you get your daily quota of exercise and keep a positive mental attitude. Follow these tips for weight loss and you’ll surprise yourself at what you are capable of achieving!