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How Doing Housework is Good For You

Here I am once again here at this Health blog, looking at the things that are both good and bad for your health and some of the ways in which you can right the wrongs that you’re currently doing to yourself to give you the chance to get healthy and really enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle. In this post, I want to look at how doing housework is good for you and your health.

That might at first sound a strange thing to say. After all, isn’t doing housework more like a chore than a healthy pursuit? Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Sure, if you believe its just a nasty chore that has to be endured, then that’s what it’ll be for you.

But if you turn it around and use a little clever psychology on yourself by telling yourself (and believing in it) that housework is really a great opportunity to get in some worthwhile healthy exercise, then it suddenly becomes a thing that you can almost look forward to as a part of a healthier day. Ok, granted it may take a good deal of convincing yourself of its benefits at first, but it’ll come if you want it to and here’s some ideas that’ll help you get into the mood of things.

First, its a known fact that an activity that gets you to breathe harder, raises your heart rate and makes you break out into a sweat is not only doing you good, but its making your body burn calories. The harder you make your muscles work and for longer, the more calories you’ll burn. And any dieter or slimmer will tell you that when you burn calories you are setting in motion the process of weight loss.

If you are a little (or a lot) overweight, then when you start losing weight, you start to feel better, your health improves and you start enjoying life more because you feel like you have more energy. When you start burning calories, you are going to start losing weight as long as you don’t blow it by gorging yourself on a load of high calorie food!

So what does doing the housework make you do?

Well, when I do the housework (and I do it every day), I certainly feel my heart rate increase, my breathing gets harder and I break out in a sweat. Sweeping and mopping floors is actually a surprisingly good exercise workout for burning those excess calories! But you have to get the motivation flowing as its no good limply moving a broom around the floor, you have to make it into a real workout by making each stroke of the broom a deliberate and strong movement that makes the muscles in your arms work. Try it! You’ll feel the difference.

Put on some rousing music with a good beat, like dance music if you like it, or rock n roll, anything that has a good bouncy beat that makes you want to dance. Then go at that broom once again and feel the difference!

Got to scrub floors? Does anyone still do that? Well, if you have to do it, really make a meal out of each thrust with that scrubbing brush! make it an exercise and feel the burn! Ok, maybe not the burn, but you’ll burn a good few calories doing it. Cleaning windows? Now there’s a good arm exercise to get rid of those bingo wings! Run up and down those stairs, don’t just amble! That’s a free step machine-like workout that you can do anytime.

So you see, doing housework is good for you when you make it into a real workout session and then you’ve killed two birds with the one stone by getting the housework done while doing your daily exercise routine all rolled into one! How bad is that?