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Stinging Nettle Remedy Tips

When you are thinking about some of the things that grow in the garden but you wondered what they might be used for, take a closer look at that patch of weeds called stinging nettles. Stinging nettle remedy tips abound, because this common weed is actually a source of natural goodness and health benefits. I want to look at some of those benefits this humble plant possesses in this post.

Many gardeners tend go to great lengths to get rid of this weed from their gardens. Well, if this is you, think again. That pernicious weed you’re trying to eradicate will actually do you, your family and also your garden a load of good if you leave it to grow.

The stinging nettle is packed with vitamins and minerals that ought to be placed on the list of superfoods alongside broccoli, cranberries and garlic. First off, lets look at how to use this great example of natures food and health storehouse.

Only pick the nettle tops, which are the top three sets of leaves on the plant’s stalk. This is where most of the beneficial stores of vitamins and minerals are to be found and is also the easiest digested part of the plant. Pick them in May before it flowers. Wear gloves as the plant carries nasty stingers.

Cook in boiling in water or dry the nettles to render the stingers inactive. They are then safe to touch and eat. Stinging nettles are great in soups, stews and teas or tissanes.

Lets take a look at some of the health benefits.

Packed with vitamins including A and C as well as iron and other essential vitamins and minerals, nettles can be used both internally externally.

Nettles are perfect when used as an internal tonic, drunk as a healthy natural tea.

It acts as an anti-dandruff rinse when used after washing your hair.

As an external skin tonic to help treat eczema, neuralgia and sciatica as well as dry, flaky skin.

To treat arthritis and rheumatism, flay the skin in the affected area with raw sprigs of nettles. This increase blood flow to the affected area and brings relief from the pain.

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Next time you find a patch of stinging nettles in your garden, don’t remove them, instead let them grow so you can toast your good health with a drink of healthy, tonic nettle tea!