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Yeast Infection

Following up on the last post, where we looked at the parties held by parents to help their children catch chicken pox early so they’ll have a life-long immunity to this disease, we move on to a very adult oriented ailment that affects a large percentage of the population at some time or another. These are yeast infections, or in this case in particular, a vaginal yeast infection.

This is something that women prefer not to talk about openly but often suffer in silence until it gets to the point where there is little choice but to go to see their doctor.

A vaginal yeast infection can be described as an abnormal growth of yeast cells in the vagina. This type of infection mainly occurs in women during their child bearing years, although it has been known to happen at any age. In general, a yeast infection rarely leads to serious health problems, but they can be quite uncomfortable.

A big problem is that standard medical treatments don’t always work and can additionally come with some nasty side effects.

What are the most common symptoms of yeast infections?

* vaginal itching, which occasionally can be severe
* vaginal discharge, which is mainly white
* red skin around the opening of the vagina
* pain while urinating or touching the skin
* pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse

These symptoms most commonly occur around a week before the menstrual cycle commences.

While most vaginal yeast infections tend to clear up on their own, sometimes this doesn’t happen and treatment is then needed.

There are times when modern medicine recommends that it’s best to do nothing, for instance when you’re pregnant. Why? Because these treatments can be harmful to the baby.

If they are deemed harmful to the baby, then what are these medicines doing to your own body?

It makes you think.

More serious cases?

Symptoms include a high fever and lower abdominal pain which is associated with the fever can occur in the small number of cases where the yeast infection is serious. These symptoms often don’t manifest until you’ve harboured the infection for some time.

Without a doubt, the best time to treat a yeast infection is in its early stages.

Where the yeast infection is considered to be serious, over the counter and prescription medications are prescribed, which all have nasty side effects and often don’t even work.

Does this concerns you?

What should you do?

Do you just suffer in silence with this condition?

The answer to that is a resounding NO!

Alternative cures and natural treatments are available for vaginal yeast infections and they have no harmful side effects.

You don’t have to resort to taking dangerous drugs.

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There you’ll see for yourself that the suffering from yeast infections does not have to go on. Neither do you need to rely on your doctor to hand you a prescription for medicines which are filled with harmful side effects.

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